About us

17th anniversary of Hitelpont Zrt.

Hitelpont Zrt. has become one of the most successful financial companies that provide European Union and state funding to Hungarian businesses. Our principal task is to provide access to repayable EU or Hungarian State assistance (loan) to companies, fostering the development of the Hungarian economy.

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Why choose Hitelpont Zrt?

  • The mission of Hitelpont Zrt. is to improve the market position of Hungarian small companies by providing them loans subsidized by the European Union or the Hungarian State.
  • We believe that small companies achieve the greatest changes, so our colleagues have specialized in the needs of the SME sector.
  • We have helped over 800 corporate clients grow.
  • We pay attention to our clients, tracking their growth and sharing in their success. We place great importance on personal communication.
  • We regard our clients as long-term partners. During the growth of the company we are glad to assist with favorable loans, even several times.

Frequently asked questions

Is Hitelpont Zrt. a loan broker or an information service?
No. Hitelpont Zrt. is a financial company, meaning that we provide loans to our clients. We serve our own clients, from a financial fund supported by the European Union. This means that Hitelpont Zrt. receives loans directly from the European Union, which it disburses to Hungarian companies. The loan agreement is signed between Hitelpont Zrt. and the client.
Is Hitelpont Zrt. a bank?
Similar, but no. The key difference with respect to banks is that Hitelpont Zrt. can provide loans, but may not collect deposits.

Similarly to the largest banks, we, too, are regulated and controlled by the Supervisory Body of the Hungarian National Bank.

How does Hitelpont Zrt. transfer EU funding to me?
Path of funding:

  1. Competent body of the European Union
  2. Management organs of the Hungarian State for European Union funds
  3. MV – Hungarian Business Development Plc.
    (a subsidiary of the Hungarian Development Bank)
  4. Hitelpont Zrt.
  5. Your small company
What is the vision of Hitelpont Zrt.?
We strengthen Hungarian small companies and assist their entry to the market.

During the 2014-2020 EU financial period assistance will increasingly be provided in the form of repayable assistance, that is, loans. The role of Hitelpont Zrt. will continue to increase in this distribution, so we hope that in the future we can also offer several new products from which our clients can choose the one that suits them best.

Roland Kiss
Chairman – CEO

Currently unavailable products

Currently not available

MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan

Up to 100.000.000 HUF
Also available for new companies
Currently not available

(Magyar) EXIM Kishitel

(Magyar) Akár 150.000.000 Ft hitelösszeg
Beruházási és forgóeszköz hitelcélra
Exportőr cégek részére
Currently not available

MFB Crisis Loan &
MFB Crisis Loan Plus (SUSPENDED)

Up to 300.000.000 HUF
Max. 2.5% annually
24 grace period
Up to 15 years
Currently not available

(Magyar) MFB Régió Versenyképességi Hitel

(Magyar) 50.000.000 Ft hitelösszegig
Beruházásra, forgóeszközre, cégvásárlásra
Currently not available

MFB Business Financing – Working Capital Loan

Working capital loan,
For financing inventory and raw materials
Currently not available

(Magyar) Szabad Felhasználású
Vállalkozói Hitel

(Magyar) Akár 100.000.000 forint
Szabadon felhasználható
Évi 6,5%-os kamattól + 3 havi BUBOR
Currently not available

Business Mortgage

Up to 100.000.000 HUF
Available for new businesses
Currently not available

Új Széchenyi Kombinált mikrohitel

Grant and subsidised loan, also for new businesses.
Currently not available

Új Széchenyi Forgóeszköz Hitel

Subsidised loan
for current asset acquisition in connection
with launching new activities.