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Corporate development loans, state or EU subsidized

MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan

Up to 100.000.000 HUF
Also available for new companies
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(Magyar) EXIM Kishitel

(Magyar) Akár 150.000.000 Ft hitelösszeg
Beruházási és forgóeszköz hitelcélra
Exportőr cégek részére
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(Magyar) MFB Régió Versenyképességi Hitel

(Magyar) 50.000.000 Ft hitelösszegig
Beruházásra, forgóeszközre, cégvásárlásra
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Széchenyi Microcredit GO!

Up to HUF 50,000,000
For agricultural purposes as well
At a fixed 0.5% interest rate
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MFB Business Financing – Working Capital Loan

Working capital loan,
For financing inventory and raw materials
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MFB Crisis Loan &
MFB Crisis Loan Plus (SUSPENDED)

Up to 300.000.000 HUF
Max. 2.5% annually
24 grace period
Up to 15 years
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