(Magyar) Széchenyi Lízing MAX

Up to HUF 50,000,000
For agricultural purposes as well
At a fixed 0.5% interest rate

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I request a preliminary credit assessment of my Széchenyi Microcredit GO! loan application from Hitelpont Zrt. as follows.

    Our colleague will get in touch you within 1 working day regarding the pre-qualification assessment of your application.

    Your data will only be used for administrative purposes.

    Kindly turn to our colleagues with your questions!

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    Széchenyi Microcredit MAX

    Up to HUF 50,000,000
    At a fixed 0.5% interest rate
    For real estate purposes as well
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    (Magyar) EXIM Kishitel

    (Magyar) Akár 150.000.000 Ft hitelösszeg
    Beruházási és forgóeszköz hitelcélra
    Exportőr cégek részére
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