(Magyar) Szabad Felhasználású
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(Magyar) Akár 100.000.000 forint szabadon felhasználható vállalkozói forrás

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Amount requested ?The loan amount may be between 1.000.000 - 100.000.000 HUF.


Term ?The term of the loan is the duration of its repayment, including the grace period.


Grace period ?During the grace period principal does not need to be repaid, only interest.The term of the loan must exceed the grace period by at least 0 months (may be 0-12 months).


Repayment details

Detailed calculation

During grace period months

43.417 HUF

First installment past grace period

136.009 HUF

Last installment

94.268 HUF

Total repayment value

13.155.958 HUF

Upfront fees

Loan assessment fee
0 Ft
Contractual fee
0 Ft
Disbursement commission
0 Ft

(Magyar) Türelmi idő nélkül akár 7.25%-tól, mely a 3 havi Bubor referencia kamatlábhoz kötötten változik. Nézze meg részletes kalkulációnkat, elérhető díj kedvezményekről és a kamatkedvezmény feltételeiről érdeklődjön kollégáinknál!

The cash-flow calculation represents the payable installments during the term, for which you can easily amend parameters with the above sliders to help your decision.

Detailed calculation

(Magyar) Szabad Felhasználású
Vállalkozói Hitel

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You can also print the completed calculation, which allows you to compare it to further quotes.

The calculation displayed on the page or printed from there, and the data included therein are for information only and may be modified at the sole discretion of Hitelpont Zrt. up until the issue of the Loan Assessment Decision/Financing Quote.