Business Mortgage

Up to 100.000.000 HUF
Available for new businesses

Currently not available

We provide mortgages to foreign real estate purchasers in Budapest!

Achieve up to 60% leverage with 100.000.000 HUF per transaction on your investment

Most common use of this loan product

Whether you’re starting or expanding your property portfolio on the booming Budapest market, Hitelpont might provide you proper financing to achieve leverage even as a foreigner.

We provide a business loan that is not only suitable for real estate transactions and investment projects but also accepts start-ups and first-time buyers!

volumemax. 100.000.000 HUF (appr. €300.000)


Ask our colleagues for available discounts.

kezelési költség1.50%
duration120 months
grace period12 months
LTVmax. 60%

* Indexed to 3-month BUBOR (Budapest inter-market rate)

Why choose your Business Mortgage?

  • Available for first-time buyers & start-ups.
  • Accepts companies with foreign shareholders.
  • Flexible financing structure.
  • High potential leverage for real estate investors.
  • Long duration.
  • Quick and simple application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?
The amount can be anywhere between 1.000.000 – 100.000.000, with a 120-month maximum duration.
Who is eligible to borrow?
In order to be eligible, foreign investors shall establish a Hungarian limited company. Newly established start-ups are also accepted.
How long is the application process?
It depends on the complexity of the transaction, however, on average it takes 2-4 weeks to finalize everything. It is our advice to get in touch with our advisors as soon as possible, even when you haven’t picked your target property.
How can I apply?
We know it is difficult to maintain a loan application process outside your country, therefore we are ready to help you with your application. Simply get in touch with us through our online forms (ask for a call-back or request a consultation), or visit our contact page for direct contact details.

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