MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan

Up to 100.000.000 HUF
Also available for new companies

Currently not available

How big of a boost would 100.000.000 HUF give for your business?
Flexible conditions, wide range of loan objectives, quick and simple application

MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan

Develop your business with only 10% of own resource with the help of the MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan available at Hitelpont. Up to 100.000.000 HUF can be claimed with real estate collateral for a period of up to 10 years, with an annual interest rate of 12.32%.

The name of the loan program, previously called MFB Financial Enterprise Refinancing Facility II., has been amended on 07.01.2020, disregarding all other conditions.


Loan amount:up to 100.000.000 HUF
Annual rate:max 12.32%

Ask our colleagues for available discounts.

Interest:indexed to 3-month BUBOR
Handling charges:1.50%
Loan term:1-10 év
Grace period:maximum 12-24 months*
Securities:Real estate collateral is expected in all cases

*A grace period of up to 24 months can only be requested for real estate development projects

Most common loan objectives

  • Property investments
  • IT investments
  • Property development
  • Production equipment
  • Infrastructural investments

Why choose the MFB Business Financing Investment Loan?

  • It’s flexible. It can be widely utilized for investment purposes.
  • It’s unbound. It can be applied in the early stages of the company, is suitable for start-ups, or even for investments that have already begun.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I borrow?
An amount of 1.000.000-100.000.000 HUF is available per transaction, for a maximum term of 10 years.
How long is the application process?
As all companies are unique, it varies. On average it takes 2-4 weeks from the receipt of the loan application to the contract signing.
Where can I find more information about the loan?
All information is available on our website, click on the “Download detailed information” button or inquire at any of our contact details.

In case you have any questions, you can also request us to get in contact with you, our colleague will get in touch with you within a day.

Who can apply?

  • Micro, small and medium-sized companies registered in Hungary,
  • Sole proprietorships,
  • No full financial year is required,
  • No restrictions regarding sales and other performance indicators.

How to apply?

  1. Fill the form below. Our colleagues will reach out to you in 1 business day.
  2. Clarify your details with our experts and pre-evaluation of your loan will take place thereafter.
  3. You can forward all the unofficial documents necessary to the pre-evaluation and administration by e-mail.
  4. Bring the official documents to the appointment in person.


The information provided on this site is not exhaustive, it only serves informational purposes and does not constitute an offer. For detailed information please find the product documentation attached, you might get in touch with us through our online forms (ask for a call-back or request a consultation) or visit our contact page for direct contact details.

Calculate in advance

MFB Economy Recovery Loan Program – Investment Loan

Up to 100.000.000 HUF for SMEs

Find out how much you need!

Amount requested ?The loan amount may be between 1.000.000 - 150.000.000 HUF.


Term ?The term of the loan is the duration of its repayment, including the grace period.


Grace period ?During the grace period principal does not need to be repaid, only interest.The term of the loan must exceed the grace period by at least 12 months (may be 0-24 months).


Balloon: ?The desired amount will be payable at the end of the term, therefore it results smaller installments during the rest of the duration.


Repayment details

Detailed calculation

During grace period months

43.417 HUF

First installment past grace period

136.009 HUF

Last installment

94.268 HUF

Total repayment value

13.155.958 HUF

Upfront fees

Loan assessment fee
0 Ft
Contractual fee
0 Ft
Disbursement commission
0 Ft

The annual interest rate is maximized by 12.32%, indexed to 3-month BUBOR. Repayment is on a monthly basis with a linear repayment schedule, therefore ever-decreasing installments during the term. Check out the detailed calculator!

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