Új Széchenyi Kombinált mikrohitel

Grant and subsidised loan, also for new businesses.

Currently not available

Up to 10,000,000 HUF grant and 20,000,000 HUF loan for equipment and property purchases

The Combined Microloan was one of the most successful EU programs, with outstandingly high public interest. The large grant which provides secure foundations and the loan with extremely favourable conditions offer quick and efficient assistance to small companies.

Why choose the Combined Microloan?

  • Simple. Simplified, single-window application process for a loan and a grant of up to 10,000,000 HUF, which you can also use for purchasing property.
  • Accessible: Own resources from only 10%.
  • Safe. The property purchased in the project can also be used as collateral.
  • Predictable. Your repayment will remain constant every month, making this a predictable HUF loan.
  • Flexible. Following the 3-year maintenance period there is no penalty for early repayment, so if you can repay the loan earlier, you may terminate the contract without any extra costs.
  • Versatile. You can apply already at a very early phase, e.g. for a new business.

Am I eligible to apply?

This product is available to resident SMEs, as defined in Regulation (EC) No 800/2008, with a registered seat in Hungary or a registered seat within the European Economic Area and a branch site in Hungary. Applicants for the Combined Microloan must be incorporated or unincorporated business associations, sole traders or cooperatives.

You are eligible to apply for this loan if the total employee count of your company is less than 10 and its annual revenue is at most 2 million EUR or its annual balance sheet total is at most 2 million EUR.

Frequently asked questions

What loan amount can I apply for?
The maximum amount of the grant is 10 million HUF and of the loan with favourable APR is 20 million HUF. The grant may not exceed 45% of net total costs and the loan 60% of all costs.
What can I use it for?
The investment must be aimed at purchasing real estate, construction, renovation or infrastructural development works related to real estate or the procurement of software, hardware or production equipment. Use of the amount granted under the program and disbursed is regulated, and in some cases restricted by the call for tenders relating to the grant program.
Where can I find all necessary information?
Enquire via any of our contact details, which can be found in the “Contact” menu item.

How can I apply?

This product is currently not available. If you would like to learn of Combined Microloans or similar European Union loan products as they become available, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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